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Routine, Insights & Favorite Products

If raising a colt teaches you anything at all it’s that they like routine, consistency, and patterns. Linda drilled into my head, “consistency, consistency, consistency,” so that’s what I did and then some. Well creating a routine has almost backfired on me, now Tana likes to begin eating at least 2 hours prior to warming up, knows on the road she gets grain twice a day, etc. 

When we arrive at the race the night before I make sure and wake up 2 hours before time-only’s begin to feed Tana her morning hay. This way she has plenty of time to eat before and then after time-only’s I unsaddle, put all her BOT wear on, feed her the rest of her hay, and her grain mixture and let her rest till the race. 

My favorite BOT Products

Best Horse Gear

  • Mesh Sheet – At night I will put this on her with a rain sheet or stable blanket on top
  • Quick Wraps
  • Hock Wraps

I make sure and begin saddling up about an hour before I think I’m going to make my run, I wander down to the warm-up and long trot two laps, make two circles each direction and then walk. About 3 rakes before my number I find my Mom and boot Tana up and then in another rake I cinch up and get on. I seriously could not barrel race without my Mom. 

After my run, I hand walk to cool her down, water her, and if I notice she’s sore at all or seems to have heat I make sure and put lineament where needed. Lately, we’ve been going to multiple day races so when were done running I feed her more hay and let her relax in the pen. 

Tana’s Feed Routine on the Road 

  • AM- Before Time Only’s: 1 flake of grass hay, 1/2 flake of alfalfa, 
  • AM- Prior to Run: 1 flake of grass hay, 1/2 lb of Haystack Special Blend, 1 scoop of Equerry’s Glucosamine, 1 scoop of LMF 911, a pinch of salt 
  • PM- Evening Feed: 1 flake of grass hay, 1 flake of alfalfa, 1/2 of Hay Stack Special Blend, 1 scoop of Equerry’s, a pinch of salt 

(The grass hay is just estimates, even at home she is pretty much on free choice)

All the products that keep Tana happy & healthy:

I am constantly learning every single day, and being told to try new things, changing up what I always thought was right and so much more! If I didn’t have a trainer well, I’d be even more of a hot mess than I already am. I definitely don’t know it all and I love to learn new things this is just what works for me so far! 

XOXO Until Next Time


The Transition, Colts to Open Horses

There will come a spring that the colt you’ve worked so hard to raise will become the open horse you are entering all over from the small Wednesday night jackpots to BRN4D Finals. It is no doubt there will be holes in their training, they won’t make all their turns perfectly, but each and every run you make is going to be humbling. Since Fall 2014 all I’ve had is a colt, I hadn’t made a competitive run in two years when it came Tana’s turn to make some runs so needless to say I was nervous.


In December 2016 I went and made my first competitive run on my colt and I had forgotten how much fun it was to compete. I’ve always thrived off the adrenaline rush that comes with barrel racing! The biggest learning curve this year has been leaving the training at home when I enter the barrel races. I made maybe 10 runs prior to BRN4D Finals in July and when I got there my trainer Linzie said, “your horse wants to run and work hard, so you need to let her do that. Let her run in from the center gate and just let her do her thing.” From making these runs this weekend I was definitely reminded, Tana knows what she is doing, she’s hunting barrels and working hard to please me.


It was also probably April when I realized, shit I need to develop traveling habits and patterns for her! Needless to say in the last 6 months she has developed habits, patterns, and then some. She does the same warm up routine, knows when I put my rubber bands on and cinch her up that it’s time to go to work, and does the same cool down every single time.

This last weekend at Featherland Ranch when I realized I had a horse that was no longer a colt. She was productive in the warm- up (her 4 year-old fear), made two great runs, and traveled like a champ. I haven’t made as much money as some this year but I’ve pulled a few checks, even one at BRN4D Finals, a big accomplishment! I also realized I haven’t really ran inside so that will be a whole new challenge for this fall/ winter.


A whole new list of goals will travel with me on the road throughout the 2018 season for my no longer colt and I’m looking forward to every run I get to make!

XOXO Until the Next Run

The Juice, Out and About

OJ Simpson has been granted parole and released from the Nevada Department of Corrections on Sunday, October 1. The now 70 year-old is going to receive up to five years of supervised parole. In 2008 the football player was sentenced to a maximum 33 years in prison after the 2008 conviction when storming a Las Vegas Hotel room in attempt to steal sports memorabilia. Just 13 years after the famous acquitted double- murder case Simpson found himself in jail for this conviction.

OJ entering his parole hearing on July 20, 2017.

Simpson left prison early Sunday morning with two boxes of legal documents, clothing, and items purchased through the prison store over the last nine years.

OJ Simpson’s Attorney claimed, “He wants to eat seafood, he wants to eat steak. The luxuries he hasn’t enjoyed in 9 years.”

As a millennial, there are two things I remember about OJ Simpson from my childhood, hearing my neighbor call my Mom and say, “The Juice is on the loose,” after the hotel robbery in 2008 and finding out the Kardashian kids got their start from their Dad being his best friend. I wasn’t even born yet when he shot and killed his ex-wife and her friend, and then got away with it!

For the public a lot more happened in the OJ Simpson double-murder trial than just getting of scotch free. The Kardashians, family friends of the Simpsons, got their first little snap of being in the public eye and never looked back. Following the trial the Kardashian children lost their father, OJ’s best friend.

Simpson’s mug shot following his arrest of the murder charges.

In the last nine years, a TV series has been made on OJ and the double-murder trial along with many mini documentaries and movies on the tragic event. Simpson and all those involved in the case are featured in The People vs. OJ Simpson, American Crime Story. The People vs. OJ Simpson, gives an inside look at every aspect of the 1994-1995 double- murder trial. Being born in 1995, I had no idea the details of the trial and this series I felt really gave me an idea of what the whole country was going through during this time.

A famous scene in American Crime Story with OJ in the getaway car following the double-murder.

For the past nine years OJ has passed his time in prison eating junk food, playing Fantasy Football, and coaching Softball.

OJ Simpson playing in a Buffalo Bills game against the New York Jets.

With OJ’s release this week brings a lot of mixed emotions for victims of the robbery, the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, old fans, and even the Kardashian children as it is a constant reminder of their father. Simpson had plans to move to Florida; however, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, wrote a letter saying she did not want OJ Simpson in her state and the State of Florida objects to granting him permission. His long time Lawyer, Malcolm LaVergne, claimed she cannot decline his move and OJ will be able to move to Florida.

The goal of Lovelock Correctional Centre was to keep OJ Simpson’s release as safe as possible for both Simpson and the facility. They didn’t want one piece of paper left with OJ’s name on it for their own security. Since his release OJ has spoken about the last nine years, his plans, etc.

Another Go, Sephora Play!

I loved my BirchBox so much that I wanted to try the Sephora, Play! box. When I got the box the first thing on top was a card for 50 Insider Beauty points. Normally you would have to spend $50 to get those points. A cool perk right off the bat!

All the products I received came in this cool bag that I will definitely use in the future. I didn’t realize, but this box comes with 6 products instead of 5 like BirchBox. The product I was most excited about is the OUAI Haircare, shampoo and conditioner. This duo repair is supposed to nourish your hair without adding weight and a huge bonus is that it protects color, blonde girl problems!

Included in the box is a resurfacing clarity mask with a moisturizing bomb to follow the mask. I love a good face mask and always feel refreshed and ready for what’s next after using one, especially a new one. The moisturizer, Belif, can also be used as a moisturizing mask by applying generously and wiping off the excess tissue. 

I will admit that I am pretty conservative and stuck in my ways when it comes to makeup. I really only branch out and try new things when it comes to mascara and eyeshadow. I tend to stay with the same products, shades, etc., because I am comfortable. This box included a matte liquid lipstick in a definite fall color. Not only is this lipstick supposed to be long lasting but in the cool fall weather it won’t dry out your lips either with hyaluronic acid to keep lips conditioned and hydrated. 

This month’s bonus is OUAI, repair Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo is supposed to restore softness and moisture for smoother, healthier-looking hair. I researched the products and they have various shampoo/conditioner combos, styling products, and even supplements. I haven’t gotten a chance to use the product yet, hair washing day isn’t till tomorrow, but I am really excited to see if it works on my hair. 

Until the next box, XOXO


Beauty Subscriptions

Here’s the thing, I absolutely love new beauty products, beauty blogs, beauty bloggers Instagram stories, but being a barrel racer I really only want to spend money on my horse. I ventured out and tried Ipsy during freshman year of college and I liked it, but I don’t wear enough makeup to justify five new products a month. In reality 5 products I’ll probably try once and end up giving to my makeup guru friends. 

However, I LOVE skin care products. I know especially when I’m focusing on riding and racing that my skin gets moved down the list of priorities. But don’t worry Tana gets the best no matter what. This month I decided to try Birch Box (Click Here) mostly because it was subscribe and get this month’s box plus an additional one. 10 new beauty items for $10. How can I pass it up? 

A few of the highlighted products that I absolutely love! 

Bombshell Blowout Spray by Amika – I have struggled with my super fine, thick and sometimes oily hair my whole life and products scare me cause I always think, will it make my hair oily? I gave this spray a shot because not only does it protect but it volumizes, nourishes, and smooths, all without making my hair greasy! When my travel size runs out I’ll definitely be getting the full size! 

Skinny Liquid Liner by Eyeko – I’ll admit I can only use liquid eyeliner because I’m not exactly makeup inclined. I’ve used the same brand for years so this definitely took me out of my normal and I really like it! I don’t use eyeliner much so this will probably last me a long time. 

Eye Wonder 2.0 Powered Eye Cream by Vasanti – I haven’t had a chance to use this eye cream yet but I am so happy it came in my box! It is supposed to hydrate the undereye skin and reduce dark circles. Thanks barrel racing and horses for all the dark circles under my eyes. 

You can find all these products on Birch Box and for all the money you spend on the products you earn rewards points which lead to free stuff! I still have 7 more products to try and I will update when I have used them! 

Follow me on Instagram @Madidickey for updates on these products 

Getting Your Name Out There

Recently while skimming through I found an interesting article, “3 ways to land media coverage when you don’t have news.” Article I couldn’t help but find this so comparable to today’s world of media. Businesses just want themselves in the news whether the news be good or bad, they are more worried about their name being spread around. Everyone on social media, especially the millennials, are the same exact way. Whether the news be good or bad they post it.

According to the Article: 3 ways to land media coverage when you don’t have news

  • Conduct relevant research – how has your company improved in the industry in the last 30 years and with this information where will it be in 15 years?
  • Do something huge for a charity partner – seek out a charity that is local to your company that is trying its best but might still need some extra help and do good for them! Plus that is good news!
  • Newsjack a trend – how does a recent major event affect your business?

Being in the eye of the media has become more than just a trend but an addiction. The old saying used to go, “No news is good news,” in today’s media there is no such thing as no news. People don’t know how to survive without knowing every tid bit of what is on social media, I’m not saying I’m not guilty of it either. I have a Facebook friend that put every single detail of her divorce in a Facebook status and I was guilty of looking every single day to see what she wrote.

It’s not just business, companies, and professionals who are guilty of wanting any news all over media to get attention but individuals in their personal lives are guilty too. The change in media over the last decade has changed the way news and companies are viewed, public relations has changed to be more media friendly, and individuals are changing too. In 30 plus years people more than likely won’t think anything of spreading bad news just for the attention.

You Know PR?

Last Thanksgiving every member of my family asked me, “What are you majoring in?” “When do you graduate?” When I would tell every single one of them I was majoring in Public Relations, I got the impression they knew what I was majoring in; however, they didn’t know what that would entail me doing after graduation.

People think Public Relations is:

  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Truth Spinners
  • Party Planners

The reality is I’m not going to plan parties, spin the truth, advertise, or market. I’m going to work hard hopefully in a PR Firm or in Health Care to keep the reputation and public image of my clients positive. A personal goal of mine in my career is to stop the misconception that PR and Advertising are the same thing.

PRSA defines Public Relations as, “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

The biggest misconception is that Public Relations and Advertising are the same thing, but Advertising is what you pay for and Public Relations is what you pray for. Advertising is paid media while Public Relations is earned media.

Examples of Public Relations campaigns that viewers most likely thought were Marketing campaigns are:

In a world filled with advertising through the internet, social media, news, etc. public relations has an even harder challenge to make their work recognized between all the paid for publicity filling up our culture.

Build Yourself Up

For as long as I can remember I have always been a perfectionist with very limited creative ability. I have all these great aspirations to be creative, but no skill to do them. Along with being a perfectionist came the desire to always, always, do things correctly. Maybe this is because I was basically raised in a Law Firm, helping in any way I could since I was a young kid.

When it came time to declare a major I wanted to be able to be a perfectionist, write, and be creative when I want to be. This decision came easy to me because in my short life I had seen so much already and knew where I was meant to go.

So, Public Relations was the perfect fit.

PR is a constantly growing industry in today’s social media world.

My family’s law firm didn’t advertise, ever.  We strictly gained new clients on a referral basis.

Often, we had to refer them on because we were too busy, but many asked how we did this with no advertising? We worked hard, had good secretarial staff, and constantly desired to learn new knowledge, and catered to our clients. I learned from a very young age how important it was to create a good reputation.

Everyone deserves a chance to have a really good go at their career. From the start a company or organization has a good reputation with the media and from there it can go up or down, but sometimes people need assistance to maintain a good reputation.

I chose PR because I want people to be successful and if they have worked hard and deserve a good reputation then for them to have one.

Finding Your Way

I will never assume that being famous in the horse world is all fun and games or that it gives you an extra leg up. Buying a nice horse doesn’t always mean you have an extra leg up either. Buying fancy tack doesn’t mean you have a leg up. The only thing that can truly give you an extra leg up is, talent and determination. Some people are naturally talented and some people are not, you can buy the best bred horse and it can blow up or go lame, the horse world isn’t always in your favor. I wasn’t extremely talented right off the bat, I worked hard at it. My parents had me in lessons multiple days a week, bought me a horse that I didn’t have to work on, but could focus on my own riding. I rode and rode and rode. And now 10 years later, I’m still not anything special. Throughout middle school my Mom drove me everyday to the arena after school. I didn’t always have the nicest things, but in the end I had nice horses.  A couple of wise old cowboys once told me, “it’s not how nice the trailer is that matters, it’s what is in it.” Sure would I love a brand new living quarters trailer and brand new dually duramax? Yeah I would, but I also like having nice horses and being able to afford entry fees.

I’ve only bought one finished horse in my whole life, Casey. I give Casey about 80% of the credit for making me such a good rider. I give Zoe another 10% for making me worry about more than just myself. I give all those other random horses I’ve been thrown on over the years the last 10% because they were all different and quirky in their own way. I’ve learned something from each of these horses that has made me the rider I am today. I have realized how beneficial it is to ride more than one horse your whole life because you become more well rounded and have so many more experiences. Go out there and take chances, ride horses that make you a little nervous, it will make you a better hand in the end. If you’ve got big dreams then remember everything that requires big dreams.

The truest statement I’ve ever read is, “most people need a $1500 horse and $18500 in lessons.” If you really want to chase these big dreams then you will work so hard everyday, give up “extra” things to take the extra lesson a week, enter the barrel race, get your horse a chiropractor appointment, add to saving money in your saddle fund, etc. You’ll do all of this because each of these things will help you achieve that end goal. Everybody who is at the top didn’t start there. They had to work and work and work.

Some days after multiple hours of classes and riding, I would like to go home and just relax, but I don’t. I go to the gym and try to find even 30 minutes to fit in some exercise then I head the barn where I ride, clean my pen, and do other misc. stuff that needs to be done. Then I go home and do homework for hours on end along with laundry, meal prepping, household chores, etc. It’s not “easy” by any means but I wouldn’t want to live my life any other way. Because then on the weekend when you load everything up and head down the road, and have a great weekend running, it’s all worth it.

Don’t forget, you are going to hit a barrel, you are going to have a bad run, you won’t make a check one weekend, you’ll get bucked off, but each and every person at the top has had all those things happen to them too. They all had to start somewhere. Reserve WPRA Champion Amber Moore spent her entire life state gaming and it wasn’t until she got Paige and spent a lot of time running her that she hit the Rodeo Trail.

So be brave, saddle up, go to ride even when your tired, keep crossing off achievements, learn from your mistakes, and you will find your way.

XOXO Happy Riding


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