No matter how long or short the haul may be there’s a good chance you’ll stop for food along the way. Sometimes its a mini mart inside of a sketchy gas station where you opt to use your trailer bathroom over theirs. Sometimes its a Subway inside a Love’s truck stop. If you are really lucky there will be a Taco Bell, Taco Time, Subway, McDonalds, and Denny’s to choose from, even on occasion there’s a Safeway with a deli inside of it. Breakfast burritos for the win!

Most importantly, barrel racers love coffee. The green straw. The non-fat milk. The iced brew. They love all of it. However, that is another topic for another blog. i90_220px

If there is a Taco Time at an exit along i90 through Washington or along the i5 corridor, more than likely I have stopped at it at least once, even when a normal person thinks the horse trailer won’t fit. What can I say? I love tacos!


Most barrel racers have a favorite place they always eat at, no matter what. However, Im not one of those barrel racers. It all depends on what I am in the mood for. Except if I pull in somewhere I’ve never ate before, without a doubt Im going to choose Subway. It all depends on the time of year, time of day, what Im in the mood for, how my run(s) went, etc. In the most ideal conditions its a late summer afternoon,  I had pulled a check or two, my horse worked well, and it’s ideal driving conditions where Im probably not stuck in traffic. This has happened like three times ever but still, a girl can dream. If the entire trip is going perfect (or close to it) then there’s a Taco Time and I get to order my all time favorite Mexi Fries with two beef crunchy tacos.

In reality most trips don’t go as planned and there’s always a bump in the road (maybe even literally) but I have favorites from any food stop we make along the way. If I’ve had a bad run and still am getting my 20 minutes of being mad time, then all I want is Wendy’s fries and Frosty. A medium fry to a small chocolate frosty is the perfect ratio. Annually Wendy’s restaurants serve 300 million frosties to customers.

wendys      frosty-and-fry

From time to time its nearing midnight and you pull into a McDonalds inside a sketchy gas station because it’s the only “dining room” open and the three horse gooseneck doesn’t fit through a drive-thru. Thank you Jacklyn for being a trooper with me that night. In this particular situation without a doubt a large fry with sweet and sour, Oreo McFlurry, and McChicken is being ordered. Kuddos to McDonalds for always giving extra sweet and sour sauce.

Subway and Taco Bell are the two places I could eat over and over again without getting sick of, ever. Subway is also the perfect meal to pick up on the way to the barrel race and be able to leave in the cooler or the fridge all day and it will still be just as good, if not better, when you’ve made all your runs. Subway is always a footlong turkey on italian herbs and cheese with lettuce, cucumber, onion, green pepper, olives, mayo, mustard, salt and pepper. I’d have to say with everybody I’ve traveled with over the years, Subway is always a go to stop for most barrel racers.


Safe and Happy Travels!