Each and everyday is a new challenge. Often times it’s easy to get wrapped up in taking care of others, but you can’t forget to take care of yourself. College is all about “adulting” and being independent; however, sometimes you need help. Recently I’ve had to be reminded that asking for help is okay. We aren’t in this journey of life alone for a reason. Sometimes you need to be reminded to most importantly take care of yourself.


Today for Mental Health Awareness week, I attended an event with the words written across the board, “How Do You Take Care of Yourself?” Students got a chance to stop and reflect on how they are taking care of themselves through their college journey. It really made you stop and think for a second. You also realized you aren’t alone and that’s something I think people struggle with. It’s easy to forget you have others who are probably going through the same thing as you.


People had a variety of different answers. Some students wrote their favorite type of alcohol, other sports, recreational activities, going to the gym, being outside. A couple of the more popular answers were, calling Mom or Dad or an animal. If you’re worried you aren’t going to be “cool” if you call your parents to make you feel better, you are wrong.  Just last night I called my Mom when I needed her to tell me everything was going to be okay.


My contribution to the board was, horses. Horses have been my sanity, therapist, and reality check my entire life. I was that lucky little girl to be living my fairytale horse dream throughout my childhood, I had the perfect little Paint Mare with a heart of gold and more patience than I’ll ever have. A great support system filled with my family, friends, trainers, and fellow competitors. As I grew up and I gained more horses and challenges they still always kept my sanity even if it wasn’t as easy as before. Growing up my Dad always joked the horses took up my family’s whole life although it really wasn’t a joke, they did. However, I never got in trouble as a teenager, got good grades in high school and now college, I’ve never done any type of drug, so I’m pretty sure my Dad thanks the horses for all of that.


No matter how you take care of yourself remember it is an important thing to do. Taking care of yourself will help you to be a better person everyday. You aren’t alone if you need to call your Mom at the end of a stressful day and go to every event the school offers that involves puppies. How do you take care of yourself?


Happy Friday!