Three years ago I took a leap of faith and bought a coming two year- old that had ten rides on her, a hay belly, short legs, and a big head. Eventually consistent exercise took away that cute hay belly, her legs grew, she got taller and grew into the large head. Having only a young horse makes you miss things like relaxing rides or jumping in the trailer to go to a last minute barrel race. I spent the last two and a half years getting up way too early for time onlys, staying till the end of the race to make an exhibition run, riding even in the pouring rain because consistency is key and fighting through every tiny battle.

Best Lane Partner and Friend, Cara

I know I talk about my Mom a lot and how great she is but literally she is! Well my whole family is and raising a filly is hard especially when you’re 18-21, juggling college and busy with life in general. My Mom still is the best in all the consistency even a coming five year- old requires. She helped me with the battle of catching her as a wild two year-old when I didn’t have enough patience. My brother, Brandon, helped me with the trailer battle this last summer when I threw in the towel. He got her in the trailer not one, not two, but three times that day. Well all these battles and fights and long nights filled with consistency paid off this last weekend.

My show buddy, Summer and I 

This winter hasn’t worked in my favor and is still continuing to work against me (today it snowed another couple of inches), but I’ve managed to make it home for SCWGA in February and this last weekend. Something hit me this weekend and I decided it was now or never to start actually riding. So I got my whip out, put on my big girl panties, and rode like my horse wishes I would every race. It paid off. I ended up placing 8th overall in a tough age group, running most of the best times I have on Tana, and riding the best I had in years. Tana didn’t cheat me, I stayed off her face, gave her slack where I needed to in each event and just rode how I know how. Miraculously when I do what I’m supposed to, she does too!


After not only a successful weekend but overall series, I am that much more excited for what the rest of the year has to hold!

Thank you SCWGA, for choosing me as one of the scholarship recipients! It’s much appreciated.

Happy Riding!