Every little girl dreams of taking her horse to college with her. Sadly for most girls this doesn’t become a reality. Either the horse gets turned out, leased out, or sold the summer before college begins. I will be the first to admit taking a horse to college is a lot of work and one more responsibility. Sometimes it means waking up an hour early to go to the barn and clean your pen before leaving on a Friday or riding at 8 p.m. after you went to three classes, worked 4 hours, and spent a few hours in the library studying. For myself, taking my horse to college with me is how I keep my sanity.

We had an awful winter, I mean awful. So I made the decision to leave her at home until the never ending storm was over. Being able not to ride everyday sucked a lot, I’ve rode three times since Christmas, two of those which were local games shows. Because Tana is who she is, she handles the craziness of college pretty dang well. She doesn’t mind early morning rides or late night ones, waiting in the trailer while I’m in class for an hour, or having a day off every once in awhile because I spend the entire day studying in the library.

Most people said I was crazy taking my horse to college especially fall quarter of freshman year and then I tell them she was two and a half when I left and they thought I was even more crazy. Taking a young horse to college wasn’t exactly easy, but it sure was worth it. Being able to leave the hustle and bustle everyday and spend a couple of hours at the barn makes the madness so much easier to get through. I love getting to spend my weekends going on trail rides, to barrel races, and just hours riding. I’ve given up a lot of my social life to go to the barn everyday. Taking your own horse to college is totally different then riding a horse through college. You deal with the not so fun parts like cut legs, ripped blankets, cleaning the trailer out after a long weekend, and everything that comes with a horse.


My parents are truly saints for letting me take Tana with me and its taken the whole family to keep this going. My brother has come to pick her up in the snow for Christmas Vacation, my Mom has woke up at 3 a.m. to be in Ellensburg by 6:30 a.m. to watch my time-onlys, and the family has brought me numerous loads of hay. Having your horse at school isn’t all fun and games but it is definitely worth it!

I wouldn’t trade my college experience with my horse for anything!

XOXO Happy Riding