My entire life I’ve had “school” friends and “horse” friends, but I have to say horse friends have always been the best friends!

  1. They understand the majority of your life is going to be consumed by horses. You might not be able to hang out after school or work because your horse needs to be rode, pens need to be cleaned, and hay needs to be stacked. They get it because they are probably doing the same thing! They have their own hay to unload or move, horses to ride, and pens to clean. If you spend a Thursday night packing not only you but your horse too instead of going to $1 beer night, they get it.
  2. They don’t mind when you show up somewhere and you smell like a horse. This one is pretty self explanatory!
  3. Chances are that if you are spending your weekends off riding, they are too! They don’t get hurt feelings because you can’t hang out because they can’t either. I spend most weekends off barrel racing and most of my best friends spend the weekends with me at barrel races or off doing their own event. It’s just part of what we do. We don’t have days off, it’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. Growing up I spent my entire summer with my horse friends and I enjoyed every single moment of it. As we grew up, we all grew into different disciplines and even through that we all continued to go and watch each other. I can’t say how many times Jacklyn would spend her days at barrel races with me or how many times Mackenzie woke up at O-Dark-Thirty to go barrel racing with me. Horse friends support each other from start to finish!
  5. You share the same passion! No matter if what discipline you ride if you text your horse friend about making a really good run or having a really good go. When your two year-old starts picking up the right leads automatically or you beat your best time. Or even the little things like, “today I cleaned the trailer out so now it doesn’t look like a bomb went off,” text messages, they understand!



In the end, they get it!