So we treat our animals poorly huh? We don’t treat our animals ethically? I along with thousands of others are obviously unaware that taking better care of our animals than ourselves is completely unethical. I recently read an article, “7 Myths About Animal Treatment at the Calgary Stampede Rodeo,” this reading couldn’t have been more true.

Myth 5 was, “Rodeo Animals Have Hard Lives.” I can’t speak for everybody but I know for a fact that my horse is treated better than I treat myself. She is fed the best hay, grain, and supplements. When we travel she has a portable pen for at the trailer because it’s important for her to move around and be able to rest. I have every Back On Track product imaginable for her. If she’s having a bad day, I cut her slack. She gets fresh shoes every eight weeks, while I wear the same boots for years. I make sure she gets her ulcer medication twice a day when competing to make sure she’s on top of her game, I’m lucky to eat a granola bar if I have time. Trailers have had such improvements over the years to make traveling for months on end easier on horses, nutritionists are constantly trying to find the most perfect diet for every horse, and all decisions are made based upon what is best for the horse.

What most PETA supporters don’t know is, “The PRCA has more than 60 rules to ensure the proper care and treatment of rodeo animals included in its official rules and regulations.” If any animals are treated poorly or unacceptable then you are asked to leave. When you have a 1200 to 2000 lb animal you are working with you have to pay attention and be aware of your animal along with being in charge of the animal, for both the safety of you and them. If you aren’t authoritative with them then chances are both you and the animal are going to get hurt.

The battle with PETA will be a never ending battle, nobody will ever win, and we are going to always be at war with them. They want to ban the flank strap, when they have no idea all the thought behind it. What PETA doesn’t understand is that for all the professional cowboys and cowgirls, these animals are their livelihood and hurting the animal will just hurt themselves, and nobody wants that. “These animals are treated as well, if not better, than private ownership of horses,” says Dr. Garth Lamb, a native of Las Vegas who heads a team of veterinarians at the National Finals Rodeo. “It’s hard to find horses of this caliber who do what they want ‘em to do. They’re hard to replace, and the last thing they want to do is abuse them. That’s their livelihood and they take great care of them.” Horse owners aren’t out to hurt their horse, we are lucky to have once in a lifetime horses that we come across and we don’t want anything to happen to them.

Battling with PETA will be a never ending ongoing battle. Nobody will ever win. In the end all PETA is, is an uneducated group of people who have no clue what they are talking about assuming they are experts. All we can do from here is stand up and promote what we believe in.

Happy Riding xoxo