For as long as I can remember I have always been a perfectionist with very limited creative ability. I have all these great aspirations to be creative, but no skill to do them. Along with being a perfectionist came the desire to always, always, do things correctly. Maybe this is because I was basically raised in a Law Firm, helping in any way I could since I was a young kid.

When it came time to declare a major I wanted to be able to be a perfectionist, write, and be creative when I want to be. This decision came easy to me because in my short life I had seen so much already and knew where I was meant to go.

So, Public Relations was the perfect fit.

PR is a constantly growing industry in today’s social media world.

My family’s law firm didn’t advertise, ever.  We strictly gained new clients on a referral basis.

Often, we had to refer them on because we were too busy, but many asked how we did this with no advertising? We worked hard, had good secretarial staff, and constantly desired to learn new knowledge, and catered to our clients. I learned from a very young age how important it was to create a good reputation.

Everyone deserves a chance to have a really good go at their career. From the start a company or organization has a good reputation with the media and from there it can go up or down, but sometimes people need assistance to maintain a good reputation.

I chose PR because I want people to be successful and if they have worked hard and deserve a good reputation then for them to have one.